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Welcome to Barclay Tuck Yachts

was founded in 2016 however it was years in the making.
Barclay Tuck has spent his life on and around boats. As a young boy, from New York City,
his father introduced him to life on the water and his love of yachting grew from there.
After years spent traveling, sailing and diving throughout the world, Barclay Tuck came
back to New York where he worked in commercial real estate for Cushman and Wakefield.
After years in the city he was drawn back to yachting and a warm climate to make his
permanent home in South Beach, Florida. In his beginning years in the yacht industry he
learned from the best working for Merle Wood and Associates. He has grown his knowledge
and personal connections for well over a decade and he will use that, as well as his passion,
to guide all clients to their perfect life on the water.

is connected to numerous yacht companies for new construction.
Depending on your category include, but are not limited to:

However you can envision your new yacht, we would be happy to guide
you through the customizations. Contact us for more information. 


1800 Sunset Harbour Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Telephone: 858-699-7637